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Meet the Team

Our team at Kirra Chiropractic strive to provide you with a caring, professional and unique health care service aimed at helping you achieve wonderful results with your health.

Get to know us a little better by reading below.

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Adam Williams
Dear Patients,

All too often it is the doctor who gets all the information about the patient, and the patient gets little information about the doctor and his practice. I would like to change that.

My full name is Dr Adam Williams. I was born in and grew up in Brisbane, and now reside in Pottsville, Northern NSW with my wife Mara and our beautiful daughter Rose. I love life and I express that through my love of surfing, snow skiing, yoga, exploration of consciousness and spirituality

I never planned on becoming a chiropractor but during a trip to a brilliant young chiropractor during high school I discovered the power of Chiropractic to change people's lives. I had been injured playing sport and can still remember how amazing it was that through the knowledge and skill of the doctor I was able to recover and continue with my sport. While there I spoke to some of the fellow patients and I will never forget hearing about the impact Chiropractic had made on their health. It is from there I drew my first inspiration and I knew from then on that I wanted to be a Chiropractor.
Dr Adam Williams

After completing a Bachelor of Science at UQ I took a year off study to backpack and explore the world. Upon my return I enrolled in a Master of Chiropractic degree at Macquarie University in Sydney.

Since graduating I have practiced in Scotland, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast and I have had the pleasure of engaging with and treating people from many different cultures, occupations and walks of life. I have carried on with extensive study and professional development in the fields of Advanced Biostructural Correction ABC, Applied Kinesiology (official certification), Total Body Modification, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Paediatrics and nutritional studies.

I have chosen to devote my life to Chiropractic because I love to give people hope that their health, happiness and well being will improve with Chiropractic care. It may take time, but I will listen to what you say and search for what is causing your problem. I will offer ongoing care to help you maintain optimal wellbeing. Every day I witness the miracle of seeing people's lives improve.

I believe whole heartedly in the principle that if you remove the physical, emotional and biochemical causes of interference to the body, it can express its inherent potential of health and happiness. I whole heartedly believe in how I practice and always strive to improve it.

I ask you to refer and to continue to refer your family and friends to me for care because I will always do my best to provide them with excellent care aimed at achieving wonderful results for them. I will freely refer my patients to another practitioner if I believe I cannot achieve the results they deserve.

The purpose of our clinic is to help people change their lives towards health and happiness. I strive to give you an excellent service for a fair fee. My personal promise to you is to offer you the best health care through Chiropractic at all times.

Kind Regards,
Dr Adam Williams

Hi Guys! My name is Dr James Dinning and I am the latest addition to the Kirra Chiropractic team.

For the last five years I have been working in Wollongong, NSW caring for the local community. It was an amazing experience working with a range of patients, from newborn babies to centurions, professional athletes and large families.
I am now thrilled by the opportunity to bring my ever- expanding skill set to Kirra Chiropractic to care for the people of the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

Like many chiropractors, my chiropractic journey started at a very young age, at birth in fact. For the first six weeks of my life unfortunately all I did was cry! My mother had tried everything to settle me including all the mainstream medical routes without any luck. I was obviously unhappy with something and she was ready to give me up! Luckily things drastically improved when she took me to see a chiropractor, after a recommendation from a friend. So off we went to the chiropractor where I was gently assessed and the chiropractor explained to my mother that during my birthing process my neck had been awkwardly twisted during my forceps assisted delivery. This twist was causing a lot of irritation to my nervous system and was making me cranky. The chiropractor preceded to adjust my neck and instantly I stopped crying much to my mother’s relief.
Any free time during my teens and early adulthood was spent training or competing in sport whether it was AFL, tennis, cycling or surfing. Chiropractic care throughout this time helped me to perform at my best and kept me injury free. I can remember from a young age at how much better I felt after seeing my chiropractor and developed an early appreciation for the healing modality. These early years were definitely a catalyst for me wanting to become a chiropractor.

After graduating high school I went to La Trobe university in Melbourne to study winemaking after which I became a winemaker in the Yarra Valley, Victoria and did northern hemisphere vintages in California and Italy. It was an amazing experience however throughout this time I didn’t feel that winemaking was my true calling. I always had an inner desire to become a chiropractor and so a few years after graduating as a winemaker I took the plunge and enrolled in the five year masters degree at RMIT university, Melbourne. As a mature age student I relished in the study and successfully graduated in 2010. From this point on I have completed many different post grad seminars with a particular interest in Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT). I have found SOT to be an amazing low force technique to get people into balance and like to use Applied Kinesiology and other techniques learnt along the way to help people move towards optimal health.

Chiropractic has had a major impact on my life letting me live the life I wish, pain free and with abundant energy. It’s the feeling I get after being adjusted and the sensation that carries on that stimulated me to becoming a chiropractor. I want be able to adjust people and allow them to experience the amazing benefits of chiropractic themselves. I inspire to help and work with as many people as possible so that others can live the lives they dream.

I look forward to meeting all that step into Kirra Chiropractic and help you reach your full potential through the art of chiropractic.

Yours sincerely,
Dr James Dinning

Hi my name is Kate! Moving to Queensland in 2012 is part of living my dream, having holidayed at Currumbin regularly since birth. I was drawn to the beaches, more relaxed life than my origin of Sydney and a more open holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

My greatest treasure in life is my family currently nurturing 4 precious lives and the opportunity I have received to love each one unconditionally and learn as we journey together. When I’m not working I love to be outdoors, at the beach or in a rainforest, exercising, reading an inspirational book or reading about nutritional health and cooking up a storm!

I am passionate about great customer service with varied experience from being a small business owner to working in the travel and building industries.

I love welcoming people to Kirra Chiro having initially been a patient, I am familiar and excited with all the tools our practitioners offer as something incredibly unique. I am grateful to work amongst generous, caring people who share a desire to see each person reach their potential and highly value wellness.
Kate - Kirra Chiropractic
Hi my name is Arly. I have lived on the Gold Coast for the last 4 years, moving from my hometown of Montreal, Canada after retiring from the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. After dedicating most of my life to sport, I now enjoy living life at a different pace: my days are split between walking my beautiful dog Juno, finishing my university degree, and time with my husband and loved ones.

I first met the team at Kirra Chiro as a patient – I was searching for a holistic approach to relieve pain and other symptoms associated with a skiing accident a few years prior. I was surprised (and thrilled!) after my first few sessions to discover that chiropractic was about so much more than what I had previously believed. Through ongoing care, my physical, emotional, and spiritual life have undergone huge shifts, and I feel healthier than I have ever been.

I joined the team at Kirra Chiropractic as a Chiropractic Assistant in February 2015. Each day I am inspired by patients who are taking the steps to commit themselves to living healthy lives, as well as being delighted in the visible results and impact that chiropractic has on their lives.
Kate - Kirra Chiropractic
Hi Everyone,

My name is Christine. I'm the convert of the team. I found chiropractic in 2015 when three seperate friends, on seperate occasions, referred me to the team at Kirra Chiropractic. When I was finally given the clinic phone number, without my asking for it, I felt it was a direction I needed to explore. Having held a regular yoga practice with quite a clean diet I was seeking assistance in regards to radiating sensation and pain around my sacrum. After sitting for long periods and with certain postures in my yoga practice I would experience severe restriction in movement and intense sensation.

It quickly became evident, in sticking to my treatment plan, that the lid was being lifted on my view of health and wellness and what was possible. The use of Kinesiology and Emotional Release Techniques were approaches I hadn't originally considered as being part of the Chiropractic world. With a background as a professional Massage Therapist and growing interest in Yoga it presented an incredibly diverse model of health. Once I realised the truly holistic approach that this style of Chiropractic offered I was all in. Couple all this with the incredibly caring and heart based team at Kirra Chiropractic and I just wouldn't be anywhere else. I genuinely love being part of this team and contributing to the wellness and vitality of our beautiful beachside communities!