Matt Butel – Kirra Chiropractic

We are on Musgrave Street, Kirra, Coolangatta facing the beach under Nirvana by the Sea (it’s approximately 40 Musgrave Street on a map although the postal address is 2/1 Douglas Street). Please come in and have a seat in time for your appointment. There may be a yoga, pilates or other class in progress. Be mindful and come through the class space to the waiting area.


Initial consultation and treatment $120 (30 mins)

Follow up standard consultation and treatment $60 (15 mins)

Follow up long consultation and treatment $105 (30 mins)

Form and flow $25 (45 minute class, allow one hour)

Bulk billed Chiropractor services claimed onsite. Medicare reimburses the patient for the majoriity of the standard consultation fee up to five sessions per year. Currently this is $55.10

HICAPS available onsite for all private health funds.

We are obviously no longer on Currumbin beach. Currumbin Beach Chiropractic Is now Kirra Chiropractic as part of the team at Co-Habitat. Remedial massage, yoga, functional movement and DNS classes, womens health physiotherapy, acupuncture, midwifery and doula services are just some of what’s available at Co-Habitat.

The booking system will only offer the first few available sessions in any given session so please ring the clinic if the time you are looking for is not available.

07 55250622

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