Back Pain

Back pain affects most people at some time in their life. Appropriate treatment will normally speed up the natural healing process by creating favourable tissue tension and by stabilising painful structures.

Postural and functional rehabilitation helps change long term patterns and provide a framework for self management. DNS concepts are promoted in the treatment sessions and the Form and Flow classes.

Chronic pain is almost always associated with an overprotective pain system. Anything over three months could be considered chronic. We run chronic pain recovery education courses.

Recurring symptoms are commonly linked to an ongoing imbalance. Chronic pain results when steps in the healing process are hindered and when our brain becomes over sensitive to the situation. The reasons for a lack of normal healing and symptomatic recurrence can be many and varied although excessive muscle tension due to postural stereotype is normally involved.

At Kirra Chiropractic we love to problem solve. Most back pain has an easy solution. The path to recovery is harder for some. Sometimes the condition is beyond our scope and an appropriate referral will be made.

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