Migraine and Headache

Most of us will experience a headache of some kind in our life. They can arise for many reasons. A comprehensive approach to treatment and management is often required for a long term outcome.

Regardless of the cause, many headaches involve muscle tension and will respond to manual therapy. Chiropractors are trained as primary care practitioners. This requires the recognition of signs that may indicate non musculoskeletal causes. Thankfully most headaches are not dangerous and respond well to conservative care. Many headaches will in fact completely fade away at least temporarily.

History and examination is the key to diagnosis of head ache type. TMJ and sinus can cause headaches although the neck muscles and cervical spine are the most common cause.  Headaches are often the result of compensatory patterns throughout the body and a wholistic approach to care can be very beneficial.

Migraine headaches are essentially vascular in nature and are caused by vasodilation of large arteries in the brain. Although there are well known triggers the exact cause of this vasodilation is unclear. In most cases careful management will reduce the frequency, severity and duration.

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